The Atkinson Center

Providing support, education and leadership, because if the good run from the bad, the bad win.

This web-site is undergoing a major rebuild. We think you're going to like what's coming soon. 

The Atkinson Center is dedicated to the publications and presentations of issues affecting families, businesses and global development. Through analysis, discussion, compilations and disseminations, we encourage dialogue and communication. There is nothing political or sectarian about what we do. We are here to raise awareness.
It's overall goal is the networked formulation of implemental strategies to relieve human suffering and social injustices in developing regions and nations, particularly those areas where social class or racial discrimination dominant.
The Atkinson Center is also an evolving nonprofit personal effort for its founder, Patrick Atkinson, to be a resource from which individuals and groups involved in social justice can be assisted in preventing violence against women and children, and using healthcare and education as a means of breaking individuals and communities out of poverty. 
The Atkinson Center will be the repository for Patrick Atkinson's writings and other intellectual properties, as well as his 8,000+ piece personal library and collection of manuscripts, documents, and other ephrema, primarily dealing with human rights, American slavery, Dakota Territory and American History topics, until a more permanent home for this collection can be found.