The Guatemalan charity, Asociación Nuestros Ahijados (ANA), was founded in 1991 by GOD’S CHILD Project founder Patrick Atkinson.

Mr. Atkinson had worked war-zone reconciliation and post-war reconstruction across Guatemala and the rest of Central America during the 1980’s, a period marked by war and civil unrest across the region, prior to departing to investigate human trafficking in Southeast Asia in 1989. When many of the Guatemalan war-orphans he had rescued during the 1980’s found themselves alone and living alone on the streets, Mr. Atkinson left his position in Southeast Asia and returned to Guatemala to once again care for and educate them.

Since 1991, and with GOD’S CHILD Project support, ANA has grown from humble beginnings in a borrowed farmhouse to currently serving an estimated 4,000 orphaned and impoverished children, and 7,000 widowed, abandoned, and single mothers and their dependents across Guatemala.


The care, programs, and facilities that ANA uses to provide life, education, health, and a future 11,000 impoverished, orphaned, abandoned, and widowed women and children comes only because of our benefactors, volunteers, child sponsors, and donor sponsorship of specific programs, cribs, staff positions, and general donations. Please choose a baby, child, crib, desk, team member, or program to sponsor, and become involved today. We are limited only by our limited financial means; children are literally dying for help. Become involved today.

Volunteer in Guatemala:

In addition to financial support, volunteers of all skill levels are greatly needed to support all 32 ANA programs in Guatemala. Can you see yourself feeding a baby, building a home, cooking, gardening, teaching an art class, or one of a thousand other things? ANA needs you today.