Author: Patrick Atkinson

Mensaje Para Mi Hijo

Lately I’ve had so many requests for the Spanish edition of my book, Message for My Child, that I posted it on its own Facebook page where parents can download for free the pages my son Neto Atkinson so beautifully illustrated. Sure we’ll lose some sales, but in countries where the book isn’t yet available, if parents find strength in this book, we’re there for them. This FB page already has over 3,600 Likes and the comments parents worldwide send in… notes they wish they could have told their now imprisoned, deceased, or lost children… are powerful and impacting....

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SEXTING: Here Today, NOT Gone Tomorrow

It’s Sunday night and family night, and everything is just about perfect. The fireplace is blazing and family stories are being told. The in-laws are over for the evening, and photos are being shown. There’s your youngest daughter at band camp, and your oldest boy grinning from a canyon’s stony edge. Grandma laughs as she flips through these photos, and then laughs even harder when she sees you covered in balloons from last summer’s party. Next up are the brilliant and colorful photos of your middle child’s naked body standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Uh, Grandma? Welcome...

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24 Wonderful Years

Twenty-four years ago today I returned to Guatemala to finish raising children I had cared for a few years earlier… during Guatemala’s war years. I drove a pig-hauling truck from the airport to a scorpion-infested abandoned farmhouse where I lived that first year. From these simple beginnings was born The GOD’S CHILD Project, The ‘Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons’, Casa Jackson for Malnourished Infants, The Atkinson Center, Domus, and dozens of schools, clinics, human rights programs, and more. Julio Rene Morales was our first child… we’re still in touch. Today over 13,700 orphaned, widowed, and poor people...

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