Photo: The GOD’S CHILD Project

Avoid Scams When Donating To Charity: Patrick Atkinson, God’s Child Project Founder, Explains How

Kindhearted people are sometimes taken advantage of by poorly run or fraudulent charitable agencies, and figuring out how to tell the good from the bad can be difficult…

Jennifer Davidson | ADWEEK Original published Date: May 22, 2014

Watch out for organizations that call you out of the blue and demand an immediate commitment. Phone solicitors and emails often pose as charities, demanding sensitive financial data in order to obtain your credit information for fraudulent purposes. Do not give out such information over the phone or online unless you have initiated the phone call or have navigated to the website yourself, so that you can be sure you are really giving to the agency and not to someone posing as them in order to rip you off.

Just because the name is unfamiliar, does not mean the charity is bad, notes Patrick Atkinson. God’s Child Project is one of many smaller charities that does good work, he says. But there are signs to be aware of before giving.

“There are many ways to decipher if a charity is scamming you or not, so it’s very important to take the safety precautions before donating money to ANY organization,” advises Atkinson.

Many watchdog agencies and investigative reporters exist to help keep charities honest. Atkinson suggests that everyone check with at least one such agency before giving.