Conversations On Faith (A Life Enhancement Book, Volume 2)

by Patrick J. Atkinson (Author), Dr. Robert Schuller (Author), Ann Jillian (Author), Dave Dravecky (Author)

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The classical collection of 18 powerful, insightful and faith-filled first-person interviews from some of America’s most inspirational leaders. Includes lead interview with international educator and human rights leader Patrick Atkinson. Still a missionary after 25 years, Atkinson travels worldwide to fight for the homeless, the orphaned and the abandoned. Frequently a national keynote speaker, Patrick Atkinson has ranched cattle in North Dakota, bedded down with the Mossai in Africa, held dying babies in Vietnam, been knifed in Guatemala, smuggled medicines to seiged villagers in El Salvador, had bones broken while aiding prisoners, and has suffered a whole host of tropical diseases. Still, his faith grows only stronger… read now his personal account from the ditches of God’s battlefields.

This is a book of faith for Christians, for Non-Christians, for people of Faith, for people searching for Faith.

I’ve always enjoyed reading former North Dakota farm boy turned human rights leader Patrick Atkinson’s works, and though I know him only through his monthly newsletter, I thought I knew him pretty well. In this Faith book, however, there’s an intimate and maybe sad side in him that I’ve only now discovered. When I accepted Christ into my own life, I knew I would suffer for my beliefs. At least, I HOPED I would suffer. Otherwise, how would I know if my beliefs were real or not? This book helped me answer that “Is it real” question by letting me vicariously live the challenges these inspirational men and women of faith had to answer for their own questions.

Bradley M. Reviewer