Independent Publisher National Gold Winner - The Powerful You

Father and Son Author-Illustrator Team Win Top Prize in National Book Award

International author and human rights activist Patrick Atkinson, and Neto Atkinson – Artist, have been awarded the prestigious 2019 National Gold Medal by the Independent Book Publisher Association (IBPA), it was recently announced.

Press Release | May 07, 2019

Patrick Atkinson said he was grateful to see his book, The Powerful You!, selected to receive the 2019 National Gold Medal from the Independent Book Publisher Association because the book emphasizes “the power that people have to determine how they will live their life.”

“Each year I give presentations across our hemisphere to empower our children and teenagers to take charge of their lives,” Atkinson said. “This is their life, their world. The Powerful You! lays that out in a very straight-forward fashion. It’s the perfect graduation or moving out gift for teenagers and young adults.”

The Independent Book Publisher Association will present gold medals to both Atkinsons at an awards dinner in New York City later this month.