The Oil Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln that hung at Fort Lincoln, Mandan, Dakota Territory

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ca. 1870

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This painting was first displayed in 1872, the year the Fort was named after the late president who was still being deeply mourned, or possibly in 1873 when the Fort was expanded to accommodate the headquarters of the 7th Cavalry. The painting was de-accessioned when the Fort was closed in 1891.
A 3″ x 1.375″ sticker on the back reads:
Unit: POST H.Q.
C.O. Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dakota Terr.”
The painting is in very good display condition. A couple of fine tears in the canvas have been professionally restored, and there has been a minimal amount of inpainting of several tiny paint flakes. The surface exhibits some of the surface craquelure usually found on an oil painting of this vintage.

The gold-leaf frame is clearly original and has a very good overall appearance, with an old and rather crude restoration of damage to the top.
The painting itself measures 30″ x 26″, the frame 48″ x 31″.

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