Breaking the bitter chains of poverty through education, housing, and healthcare.

Through The GOD’s CHILD Project’s family of organizations, care facilities, community outreach, and teams of volunteers, the mission to “Break the Bitter Chains of Poverty” is brought to life.

The GOD’S CHILD Project (GCP) is a non-denominational organization reaching children and families in intense poverty. GCP provides essential care for thousands of children, widows, single mothers and families in Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Malawi, and the United States.

Dedicated to sustainable and permanent change, GCP has established an international presence in these poverty-stricken countries by providing education, healthcare, basic needs, emergency disaster relief, human rights services and family care. GCP’s efforts create stability and growth in broken areas of the world.

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Through the generosity of donors, and the tireless work of GCP Staff and dedicated volunteers, the following organizations and institutions have since been brought to fruition:

Asociación Nuestros Ahijados

The Dreamer Center

Casa Jackson Center for Malnourished Infants

The Scheel Center

Institute for Trafficked, Exploited and Missing Persons (ITEMP)

Asociación Nuestros Ahijados (ANA)

Known collective and informally as El Proyecto, or The Project, Nuestros Ahijados operates several schools, the Atkinson Family Medical Clinics, Casa Jackson for Malnourished Infants, the Bob and Joan Scheel Academic and Vocational Training Center, the Santa Madre Homeless Shelter, the ServiceTeam Experience (which brings individual and group volunteers from around the world to Central America to build homes, provide medical care, work in schools, and engage in disaster relief.

Nuestros Ahijados is the Central American base of operations for the Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons.

Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons (ITEMP)

The Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons (ITEMP) is an international organization dedicated to ending contemporary slavery and human trafficking through public awareness, research, and direct intervention.

ITEMP works with the United States Department of State, US Embassies worldwide, and local and national governments to prevent international human trafficking. It also engages in victim interdiction and rescue services as well as legal assistance, return to home community, and social reinsertion support.