The Dream Maker

Monica Hannan’s dramatic biography of international educator and human rights advocate, Patrick Atkinson, who defied war, prostitution, and poverty to set the children free.

Monica Hannan’s narration of Patrick Atkinson’s amazing life helping homeless children will inspire you even while it haunts your dreams. In The Dream Maker, Ms. Hannan finds inspiration, trauma, and hope in even the darkest corners of our world’s streets and conflict zones.

“A dazzling biography of a man who has never said “no” to God.”
– Honorable Wendy W. de Berger

“You will find the story of Patrick Atkinson, a modern-day Don Bosco, haunting your dreams as well as your daytime hours.

Monica Hannan uses her great literary skills to help the reader experience the amazing life and ministry of this young man from Bismarck, North Dakota.”
– The Most Reverend Bishop Paul A. Zipfel

“Patrick Atkinson has led a life of remarkable service, commitment, and achievement. With deep compassion and extraordinary management skills, Patrick has built an institution that is making profound difference in the lives of the children, families, staff, and volunteers of The GOD’S CHILD Project. His story is an inspiration to all of us!”
– Earl Pomeroy, Former United States Congressman