The GOD’S CHILD Project’s facilities and programs have been severely damaged today with heavy-grade volcanic sand and small rocks blasting from the nearby Fuego Volcano. We will need to close for at least a couple days, and spend an estimated $25,000 (that we don’t have) on clean-up and replacement of pumps and small motors.

If you can help with either, please do at Everyone is okay, thank God; the babies at Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children have face masks on…

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Update: 11:32pm 6/3/2018
Fuego Volcano is just a few miles from our main campus, The Dreamer Center, as well as from The Scheel Center and Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children. All are seriously affected, but safe. Tremendous damage to our own properties, yet we’ve sent our staff and volunteers to help those whose lives are at risk. Please be generous with your prayers and financial support.